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 He taught his last class in 1989.  Coached his last basketball game in 1971.  It was his 341st B-team (Junior Varsity) game. I don’t know if it was a win, but odds are it was. His career record was 253 wins against just 88 losses. (74%) He never had a varsity job. He had opportunities, but stayed at Bloomfield High School. He chose to live in Bloomfield until he left this world and his beloved family last Sunday.  

(Obituary Rex Hudson)   https://thegameremembered.com/posts/link-from-coach-for-life/   

 The past few days were filled with remembering a man who made an impact on his loved ones, the players he coached, the students he taught, the community of Bloomfield and friends throughout the state of Indiana.  Friends and neighbors waited outside the Bloomfield Church of Christ for up to 90 minutes to reach the casket and to speak to his family and his wife of 72 years, Shirley.   Over 525 people signed the funeral register book in the vestibule of the Bloomfield Church of Christ where Rex was ordained an elder in 1968. Everyone who knew Rex, knew he was a devout follower of Christ.  They were well aware of his ever present smile, his love for joking around, and for always having a good time! Rex was unique to say the least. He told so many stories and was the subject of so many more! Everyone has stories about Rex. I am sure many stories were repeated by those attending the wake with tears and lots of laughter. His family, the church family, friends, players, coaches all showed up for Rex last week. He was the B-team coach and math teacher to many, but he was so much more as evidenced by the tremendous outpouring of love and sympathy for him and his family.

(notice Rex looking down at his young son Rick in this picture)

Rex started his coaching career in Loogootee in 1954, and was the B-team coach there for two years. Although Coach Jack Butcher came to Loogootee after Rex had left, the two became lifelong friends, competing in many basketball games, and playing years of golf together. Coach Butcher was there at the wake along with so many other coaches. Also offering his sympathy to the family was Coach JR Holmes of Bloomington South. The late Rick Hudson, son of Rex and Shirley, started his coaching career as a JV coach at Mitchell High School under Coach Holmes. Rick, his wife Nancy, and JR became close friends and then naturally JR became friends with the rest of the Hudson clan. It is interesting that both Rex and Rick coached with Hall of Fame coaches.

 After two years of coaching at Loogootee, future Hall of fame coach Guy Glover hired Rex as his B-team coach. Rex sat beside Glover on the bench for 15 years. Their friendship was special. Other coaches who attended were Indiana Hall of Fame Coach Steve Brett, Ron McBride, Jamie Hudson, Tom Oliphant, John Heaton, (Hall of Fame coach & 1958 Bloomfield grad), Jerrill Vandeventer (who played for Rex and coached Calbert Cheaney at Evansville Harrison),  Nate O’Neall, Cindy Lincicome and Rex’s brother Kenneth Hudson. My dad, Kenny, is two years younger than Rex and they have always been close. It was Rex who encouraged Dad to apply for the Alfordsville coaching job, a position dad accepted in 1956.

Rex’s daughter, Amy Hudson Gilmore, followed her dad and brother in the coaching ranks with a three year coaching stint at Shakamak. She was also recognized as Greene County Girls Coach of the year for one of those years.

One of Rex’s first players at Loogootee, John Bateman attended the viewing along with the following: Jack Spinks, Bill Asdell, Ted Townsend, Ed Jackson, Buddy Hayes, Ned Skinner, Steve Allen, Mike Campbell, Ron Cook, Ben Helms, Steve Campbell, Steve Sickbert, and Mike Crays. Several members of this year’s Cardinal team also made it to the viewing. Please accept my apologies for not getting all players and coaches listed.

The funeral for Rex was on Good Friday. I am pretty sure this would have made Rex ecstatic. Usually, there are no funerals on Christmas or Easter, but Good Friday works. The happenings of Good Friday were special to Rex and all Christians. Christ willingly going to the cross, giving up His life so others could have eternal life. Rex was all about that.  Sure 93 is a long life, but we all must die. Rex did not fear death. He knew where he was going. We cannot even imagine what he is experiencing now in the presence of God. Pastor Josh Riggins stated Rex’s 74% winning percentage was good, but when it came to trusting and following Christ, Rex was at 100%.

Rex often led the song service at Bloomfield Church of Christ. He loved to sing. Now he is singing in a place where his voice is strong and perfect. He may not be leading, but I bet he is close to the front! Rest in Peace Uncle Rex

Rex the coach. Cheerleaders and Rex with future daughter-in-law Nancy Floyd. Rex and Rick

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